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The Miracle Fund has a mission of providing quality health services, both here and abroad, to people with no access to such care. Special emphasis is placed on dental and medical care for disadvantaged children of all countries. The need is great but we have committed to the effort since 1994.

All peoples, domestically and abroad, who have little or no access to health care, without regard to finances, politics, race, or religion. No one should have to suffer in silence with their pain, regardless of who they are.

The Miracle Fund was founded in 1994, after the founder and director, Dr. Stephen J. Smith first visited the Guatemalan Tomorrow Fund Project known in the Kekchi Indian language as "Ak Tenamit" (The Village), in 1993, to help set up a dental clinic in the jungles of Guatemala. The clinic would serve the Kekchi Indian people who had been displaced by the genocide of the 1980's to the far reaches of the jungle on the Rio Dulce River. As a result of Dr. Smith's experience there, he decided that the best way to fund these ongoing efforts was to set up a nonprofit organization whose purpose would be to support the Guatemalan Project as well as other similar worthwhile projects.




The Miracle Fund was instrumental in setting up a floating dental clinic on a donated houseboat. This allowed Ak Tenamit to bring dental care directly to the Kekchi villages along the shores of the Rio Dulce River. The boat was transformed from a standard houseboat to a fully functional dental clinic containing two chairs and dental units with living space for the visiting dentist. Today, the houseboat is staffed with volunteers from around the world providing access to free dental care to 27 Kekchi villages comprising almost 7,000 people. The dental boat has treated over 5,000 patients to date with the help of volunteer dentists worldwide. It is supported by many worthwhile organizations such as Rotary Club and alleviates much pain and suffering for the Kekchi Indians. The Kekchi, in turn, provide volunteer labor for Ak Tenamit to repay the project for their "free" dental or medical care.

CURRENT WORK: The Miracle Fund is actively donating to nonprofits that assist people without health care in Third World Countries as well as local nonprofits. The Miracle Fund is also actively supporting the PineBrook Hills Flood Memorial in honor the two victims; Wesley Quinlan and Wiyanna Nelson who died int the 2013 Boulder Flood.

The Miracle Fund also gives to Educational non profits, and Environmental non profits. We currently run a non profit yearly allopathic and holistic health oriented directory called Therapist and Health Professionals (www.THPdirectory.com) in Colorado, where income from the earning of the publication are used for Miracle Fund donations.


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