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Twenty years ago I, Neddie Winters attended the first Mission Mississippi Rally and helped raise the cross with strangers of different races and denominations. Thousands had gathered at the stadium for a three day rally on racial

I remember Tom Skinner and Pat Morley talking about their relationship and friendship. Tom a black man from Harlem New York and Pat a white man from Orlando Florida had completely different backgrounds but both of them said

“They would be willing
to die for each other.”

This was a new experience for me to see a black man and a white man demonstrate such deep love for one another, especially in Mississippi. Those words and that experience changed my life forever. Twenty years later many of the men lifting that cross with me and many others of difference races and backgrounds are now friends that I am willing to die for. There are thousands upon thousands of
Mississippians that now have that kind of deep relationship and friendship because of the work Mission Mississippi has done over the past 20 years.

We need your help to continue this!

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