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The Mitney Project is a community revitalization and inter-generational development project.  Our mission is to provide preeminent, innovative educational and cultural enrichment activities to underprivileged youth of Georgetown and their families; and to nurture and support positive cultural development in their communities.

With more than 140 dilapidated structures in a 350-acre area, 50% of households living at the poverty threshhold and 1 in 4 students dropping out of high school every year, our challenges are very clear: Rebuild the community physically. Refresh economic opportunities. Renew the residents through education and cultural activity.

Mitney's collaborations and programs have already resulted in 1 mile of new streetscapes in the community, new/heavily renovated homes for low income families, new workforce training classes for adults and new afterschool arts and fitness activities for children. Our programs to encourage participants to be change agents in their own lives continue to grow.

The only facility of its kind in Georgetown's underserved West End neighborhood, Mitney's community center (under construction) will provide residents with a safe environment, a dedicated medical office, and a network of supportive mentors to encourage them to think, dream and achieve.

The Mitney Project is creating change for the better. Be a part of the positive growth that is taking place. Become a Mitney Change Agent. Join the good.

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