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Support core school programs such as field trips, after school clubs, scholarships, supplies for teachers, enrichment programs, community events, beautification of school grounds, and teacher appreciation events.

The Wolf Pack Prowl and Magic Mile are Fun Runs organized by the MKPC-PTA. The Fun Runs are the PTA’s largest annual fundraiser.  Thank you for your support!

Join your team by selecting your child's class below. Instructions for setting up your child's Razoo fundraising page are here.

If you want to donate online but do not want to create a page on Razoo, simply Donate using the button on the top right of this page and type your child's name and their teacher's name into the comment box.


(Pre-K) Ms. Reckling's Wizards

(Pre-K) Ms. Roffe's Wizards

(Pre-K) Ms. Sarin's Wizards



(K) Ms. Abakah’s Wizards

(K) Mrs. Brooks’ Wizards

(K) Mrs. Flood’s Wizards

(K) Mrs. Greaney's Wizards

(K) Mrs. Hines' Wizards

(K) Mrs. Lisle's Wizards

(K) Mrs. Parker's Wizards

(K) Mrs. Weber's Wizards


1st Grade

(1st) Ms. Belle's Wizards

(1st) Mrs. Chimenian's Wizards

(1st) Mr. Fischer's Wizards

(1st) Ms. Gitelman's Wizards

(1st) Ms. Larocca's Wizards

(1st) Ms. Palmer's Wizards

(1st) Ms. Stockinger's Wizards


2nd Grade

(2nd) Ms. Brady's Wizards

(2nd) Ms. Dorsey's Wizards

(2nd) Ms. Greenbaum's Wizards

(2nd) Ms. Herndon's Wizards

(2nd) Mrs. Johnson's Wizards

(2nd) Ms. Layton's Wizards

(2nd) Mr. Nguyen's Wizards

(2nd) Mrs. Reinhard's Wizards

(2nd) Ms. Snyder's Wizards


3rd Grade

(3rd) Ms. Boynton's Wolves

(3rd) Ms. Fitzgerald's Wolves

(3rd) Ms. Harris' Wolves

(3rd) Mr. Oestreich's Wolves

(3rd) Ms. Ransier's Wolves

(3rd) Ms. Salabie's Wolves


4th Grade

(4th) Mrs. Bain's Wolves

(4th) Mr. Snyder's Wolves

(4th) Ms. Park's Wolves

(4th) Mrs. Neal's Wolves

(4th) Ms. Giles' Wolves

(4th) Mrs. C Barbieri's Wolves

(4th) Mrs. K Barbieri's Wolves


5th Grade

(5th) Ms. Wagner's Wolves

(5th) Mrs. Albaugh's Wolves

(5th) Ms. Chinn's Wolves

(5th) Ms. Marques' Wolves

(5th) Mrs. Merill's Wolves

(5th) Ms. Vigil's Wolves

(5th) Mrs. Rule's Wolves


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Montgomery Knolls - Pine Crest Pta

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