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In 2014 Montague Catholic Social Ministries (MCSM) celebrated 20 years as an integral part of our community. Through our Family Center Playgroup, Parent Support Group, Parent Advisory Council, the Women's Resource Center creative and healing arts programs with Drop-In Respite Thursdays 10-1 (childcare available) for young mothers, Family Support Home Visiting/ Family Life Support programs, Fathers & Family Nurturing Programs, English for Speakers of Other Languages (adults) w/ Early Literacy Education & Care (children), Homework Help for parents and children to access the internet, we nurture connections and offer hope. Our Basic Needs program shares resources to help neighbors with food, clothing, housing, utilities and other necessities. MCSM helps individuals and families grow strong in their ability to bounce back from adversity.

22 years ago, we started by offering a safe place for parents and children to gather - a free play group. We are still listening and working with those we serve to empower us all. Developing connections and hope is the heart of MCSM.

To get to know us a little better, here are a few of stories that people have asked us to share with you.


To the ministry:

"I was without electricity for close to a month."  I was in real trouble. I couldn't connect with my business when I needed to plug in. I lost many orders during this time period without electricity.  I was desperate.

Your organization  came through for me negotiating for restoration. You went beyond the call of duty.  I'm writing this email to you from my home instead of the Greenfield Library.   I am so grateful for what you've done for me.     Guy Perrault/ Basic Needs participant


"After surviving the mental health system, I started coming to the women's center." The Women's Center helps me so much, this is my home. I get so much support and love and encouragement and I am able to learn again.

       The Women's Center has helped me to reconnect with family and friends. I wouldn't be surviving - but now I'm thriving because of  the Women's Center.  It's a really cool place to be!                                   WRC participant


"The Nurturing Families Program has given me the support and hope to overcome certain challenges in my life."  In the group two specific mom’s perspectives and “realness” about the bumps in life remind me that we all make mistakes and that no one is perfect. I know if I do better today and tomorrow, I'll be fine."     Amanda Lilley, Age 18; Nurturing Families Program;Family Support Program


Advice for Dads”from fathers in the Nurturing Fathers Program 2014:

 - “Be there, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

- “Show them Love, Respect and Loyalty.”

- “Always be on your kid’s side.”

- “Be a child with your child so you can be a best friend and a role model.”



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