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A nonprofit organization

As a Children's Advocacy Center & Sexual Assault Center, 

Mosaic Georgia enhances safety, health & justice for all victims of sexualized violence.

We hope you and your loved ones never experience sexual abuse or assault. Yet it is a life experience for 1 in 6 males, 1 in 4 females and half of all transgender people. And most of these crimes (over two-thirds) go unreported to police. Mosaic Georgia is working to change all these facts. 

Free                              Confidential                              No Judgement

We help put the pieces back together after disclosing sexual abuse/assault or exploitation.

We offer a mosaic of services to promote the safety, health and justice (healing) needs over time.

All acute services are provided in the safety and privacy of our center in Duluth, Georgia. Our primary service areas are Gwinnett and Rockdale counties.   

Client-centered Approach

For children and youth:  We bring all the agency responses to our center to reduce the inconvenience and trauma of going to various institutions (e.g., hospital, police station) after an assault/abuse is disclosed.  

By creating a calm, welcoming, healing environment, Mosaic Georgia is the first place to sit and exhale safely after disclosing abuse/assault.  Interviews, medical forensic exams, and advocacy support are all provided in one private location. 

"I really appreciate what you all do and I was very happy with the environment and that both of my kids came out just feeling really encouraged and like they got a load off their back. And the way that you all talked to them made them feel very comfortable. Oh, and the lady that brought them snacks and sodas, it made it feel not so stressful and it was just a good experience. Thank you!" 

For Adults:  Services are confidential, free and accessible for all adults.  Even for those who are reluctant to report a recent assault to police, Mosaic Georgia will listen, explain options, and offer medical exams and evidence collection that can later be turned over to law enforcement if the victim decides to report the assault. 20-25% of these clients decide to report the crime within 6 months of disclosing to us. 

“I didn’t think anyone would believe me and I blamed myself. [The advocate] listened to me and explained my options for reporting. She also helped me figure out how to tell my partner what happened.”   

Support for Survivors: Safety | Health | Justice

Mosaic Georgia is the only center in the United States that provides all these services. In addition to the 24/7 crisis line (866-900-6019), we offer:  

  1. Victim & Family Advocacy during and after disclosing or reporting assault or abuse 
  2. Forensic Interviews for children and youth (in our center)
  3. Medical Forensic Examinations & Care (in our center, not hospitals) 
  4. Legal Assistance for safety and civil issues arising due to the assault/abuse 
  5. Counseling Support to cope with the harm and begin the healing journey
  6. Housing Navigation when it is not feasible to remain in the home or there is no home to return to
  7. Aftercare Support & Empowerment Fund resources for those who lack the financial means to secure their safety and health after reporting sexual abuse/assault.

All services are free to clients. No fees. No co-pays.   

                                “You people are a real blessing to me and my kids. Since we couldn’t stay in our home, your team helped me get resettled and I don’t have to                                                  explain what happened over and over. Finally, my daughter can sleep through the night again. Thank you!”   

Help People Heal & Thrive 

Mosaic Georgia relies on private donors to maintain its state-of-the-art services.  

Here are examples how your donations make a difference: 

$1,000: Legal representation for one client 

$500:    Provides housing navigation or legal services to one client 

$350:    Provides 1 forensic interview for a child OR Advocacy for a commercially sexually exploited youth 

$250:    24/7 Helpline & Crisis Response – 1 night OR Sponsor 1 Wholeness Collective participant OR Community Prevention education 

$100:    Counseling/Support session for healing journey OR Follow-up care for 1 patient 

$ 50:    Comfort bag for child, teen, or adult 

$ 25:    Transportation or meal for a client/family  

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