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We are grateful to you, dear friends, for standing with us as we hold firm to the bold conviction that higher education is the ultimate equalizer. The Minneapolis College Foundation has maintained this core value at the center of everything we do for over 40 years. This vision, along with the hope, energy, and enthusiasm of community friends like YOU, has allowed us to change lives together.

Our students have big dreams. We believe everyone has a right to cross the bridge to opportunity no matter their race, gender, family economic beginnings or other circumstances. It all starts with equitable access to high-quality education. Scholarships act as a transformative entry point. It’s a fact. Your investment in deserving, highly-motivated yet underestimated students supports not only tuition, but also books, transportation, housing, and even food. Yes, even food. We know this because, during the school year, 30+% of Minneapolis College scholars tell us they are homeless, highly mobile or housing insecure. All too often, these students are also learning on an empty stomach. 

With supporters like you on our team, we remove these barriers to higher education so our students can beat the odds stacked against them. As a changemaker, you empower our students to succeed, affording them opportunities they could only dream of just one year ago. Your gift offers a pathway to a college credential and high-wage, high-demand careers. You provide the lift out of generational poverty and into a middle class lifestyle for themselves and their families. What starts as an investment in one, turns into an investment for all. See how powerful we are together?

With every gift, we are one step closer to seeing our vision of equitable access come to life. We are grateful for your continued dedication to our corner on 15th & Hennepin Avenue. Thank you for investing in hundreds of Minneapolis College students. Every bright future needs a strong foundation. 


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