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We also wish to thank our 2016 sponsors at Finn Insurance Agency, The Tire Warehouse of Greenfield and Foster's Supermarket.

Below we proudly announce the release news and  projects, for 2016. Don't leave this page without reading about them!

We have some new discoveries to share with you, and we have just published the first of recently acquired 16mm movies! We hope you enjoy this major work and contribute, here on this Valley Gives event, in support of our ongoing efforts.

The museum also has been awarded a Scholar in Residence Grant from Mass Humanities. This research project is related to a topic the museum has begun to ask questions about. With the closing of several large companies in the recent past, we are compelled to ask “why” and “what does the future hold for local manufacturing?” The research grant will study one facet of this topic, organized labor in Greenfield. The research will result in a published paper, a series of talks and a panel discussion on the topic is planned.

Time passes quickly. History is often lost with the passing of the generation who lived it. The life experience of our past neighbors is an important legacy to remember.

This valley history is both entertaining and educational. A global industry started here and is a success story important for us to know – IF IT SURVIVES !

Please help us discover, preserve and narrate this proud legacy. We hope you enjoy our important new projects, described below and help by donating here, at Valley Gives.

It's your history! If you believe you have old, undiscovered photographs, please get in touch. If you enjoy our new and past projects, please contribute!

Sincerely, All of your neighbors at:

The Museum Of Our Industrial Heritage
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In addition to being available by appointment, from June 25th to September 17th we will be open on Saturdays from 1 – 4pm.  Beginning June 25th we will be showing a selection of photographs from the Cabot Station Hydro power Plant’s 100th Anniversary collection.

Project Details for 2016

Our movie preservation library has started!
You may now watch some historic information and instructional films, produced as digital video, directly from the original 16mm prints. We have made every effort to restore the original color and clarity, using our own special HD frame-grabber technology and methods!
Watch some restored movies now

The SAMSON! (?)

What is it, where was it made, and how did it survive? Well, we now have it for you to see.
Read about it here!

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