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Music in Our Community means making music present in the life of our community, performing and teaching about music in an engaging way, for as many people as MEE can reach.  Music is as necessary and food and breath to life. We seldom have any meaningful experience without it. The discovery and exploration of the riches of great music brings scope, depth and meaning to our lives. The experience of music shared, as Pete Seeger showed us all through group singing,  is a connecting web which binds us together in a community of values and understanding. This connection of art and community is at the heart of MEE’s mission and its North Shore regional residency.

Our free music programs reach close to 4000 community members per year. 

Adult Programming Objectives

  1. Make great live music performances a part of everyday life without regard to economic, age or other social barriers.
  2. Provide free opportunities for North Shore audiences to experience live classical performances while broadening their acquaintance with the many styles, genres and instruments of classical traditions.
  3. Enrich the cultural life of the North Shore region through excellence in performance and education by making if fun and interesting to discover, discuss and rethink the positioning of great music on our lives.
  • Build the relationship of shared cultural enrichment goals with our partner organizations, while maintaining MEE’s uniquely intimate relationship with its audiences.
  • Attract younger adult audiences by bridging the age gap between older generations, some of whom esteem classical music, and younger ones for many of whom classical just does not yet exist in their consciousness. It is part of MEE’s mission to bring their open and broaden awareness, to bring people back to classical

 Youth Programming Objectives

  1. Bring a positive and exciting experience of live classical music to elementary school children who might otherwise never even know that classical music exists. Its dynamism and interactive intensity grabs children, but only if they get a chance to be exposed to it.
  2. Connect students with performing artists so that they may discover their own ability to respond to a range of music, and understand that artist musicians are people with whom they can identify; help students see themselves as potential artists and musicians, as well as future audience members.
  3. Engage student audiences in the music making process so that they become enthusiastic about experiencing and engaging in the arts for themselves.
  4. Teach basic music appreciation skills which support teachers’ curriculum requirements by enhancing the music with cultural and historical context. This is a need identified to MEE by teachers themselves. 

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