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For over twenty-eight years Music for Minors II has been "Keeping Music Alive" in our schools. Our children deserve the chance to learn music. Founded in 1988, volunteers have been teaching music in East Bay Area schools once a week during school year. These courageous volunteers enrich empower and bring the joy of music to Fremont, Newark, Castro Valley, Dublin/Pleasanton.

A volunteer driven force brings songs, sign language, movement, instruments to our future leaders. Student test scores have shown great improvement because of exposure to music.

Music is the universal language. Music is a proven modality to reaching special needs students. Several months ago while teaching my special day class, I randomly asked a historically non-verbal autistic students if he had a song request. He clearly spoke the song title, loudly and correctly. A collective gasp was heard from the teaching assistants - he had never spoken out before. At the beginning of school we have registration day, one of my special day students came through and said "Hi." His mom was clearly astonished saying he never speaks to people and asked how I knew him. When I explained that I taught the music class she stated that he doesn't sing. At that point he started singing the classes favorite song, "Sing" by the Carpenters. Shocked, she said, "Well now that makes sense. All summer he kept coming up to me saying, Sing, Sing. I couldn't figure out what he wanted because he didn't like the songs we were singing."  

Last year I worked as side-kick with a 4th grade music docent teaching singing, some sign language and recorders. Just last week I learned that the brother of a student picked up her recorder following the teaching handouts. This year he signed up to take clarinet lessons and is doing great. One never knows where the seed will fall and take root.

On a shoestring budget over one hundred volunteers labor to give the gift of music to students in the East Bay. Wherever there is a need and a volunteer willing students receive music classes once a week during school year. Primarily K-4 th grade. All for $8 a student. This year we started our lesson plan project, docent mentors and even a MFMII KIds' Choir.

We would love to expand the opportunities but need funds and volunteers. When we receive the donations we will be able to pay salaries to key positions in Music for Minors II thus fostering the love and literacy of music.

So many studies show how music enriches the mind forming integral neural pathways that unlock learning in math and sciences.

WON'T YOU BE PART OF ENRICHING A CHILD'S LIFE TODAY? Many children cannot afford even the $8 a school year, to have this ongoing opportunity. With your help more students can be reached.

Thank you for all you do. Music for Minors II

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