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My family became part of the MTI family 10 years ago.  I was a single parent with 3 children at home.  I had always looked for a place in which my children could be a part of the community and also have very strong male role models.  My son and daughter came to help at build the sets of Cinderella and they were hooked.  My daughter was so excited, they gave her power tools and taught her how to use them.  They felt a part of the group from the first moment they walked through the door.

In the past ten years I have watched them gain confidence by being on stage, taken ownership in what they do and learn to reach for their dreams.  My children and grandchildren now have been on stage and back stage.  MTI has become part of their family. 

One of my proudest moments was in 2011.  MTI was producing "The Wizard of OZ" and my three granddaughters were cast in the production.  My oldest granddaughter has cerebral palsy and she worked so hard to learn her songs.  When she sang, she beamed.  She was so proud of herself and what she was able to achieve.

MTI has touched my life over the years but I have also watched it touch the lives of others.  The ARTS IN EDUCATION programs enables schools to bring classrooms of kids to see live musical theatre and the ARTS FOR EVERYONE gives tickets to lower incomed families.  I have seen the excitement in families and children's eyes as they are leaving a performance, talking to one another about what they've just experienced.  MTI makes a difference in our community.

Trina Rhoades

MTI Company Member

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