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Mental Illness impacts the lives of one in four adults and one in five children.  Chances are some of your neighbors, employees, co-workers, family members and friends are struggling with mental illness like depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders.  The good news is that we have a vibrant and active chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) that serves York, Lancaster and Chester Counties.  NAMI Piedmont Tri-County offers free programs and support groups for those living with mental health issues and their families.  We also provide free education and training programs to law enforcement, businesses, and academic institutions in the tri-county region.  Through these programs, we are working hard to remove the myths and stigma of mental illness in our community.

Much of this great work is being done by a group of wonderful, talented, and trained individulas who live here in our community and are passionate about helping. Here is a short list of our outreach and the lives touched in 2016: 

  * 2,676 local area teens attended an Ending the Silence program, a 50-minute presentation that educates students about the signs of mental health conditions and seeks to erase the stigma among the students body.  The students are given hotline numbers and local resources to turn to.  This has already resulted in crisis intervention that has likely saved lives.

  * 303 law enforcement officers from the Tri-County area received Crisis Intervention Training to recognize mental illness symptoms of offenders and de-escalate situations that could lead to harm.

  * Nearly 100 family members who attended Family-to-Family & NAMI Basics education classes with a loved one living with a mental health condition.

  * Nearly 500 attendees of the various support groups offered in the Tri-County area facilitated by family members and also peers in recovery. 

There is more, but I think you see the impact we are having in our NAMI affiliate.  Your donation and continue support will allow us to reach more people while raising awareness and reducing the  stigma associated with mental health conditions.

We are also known as"Nami Piedmont Tri-County".

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