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About NCRC:
The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization headquartered in San Diego, CA. Since 1983, NCRC has been one of the leading providers of mediation and conflict resolution services in the nation. 

Building on that experience, NCRC is working to help organizations and individuals communicate more effectively, so they can avoid or address conflict; we also empower communities to engage across differences.  

Our conflict resolution work has also benefited San Diego youth. More than a decade ago, NCRC introduced restorative practices into schools and juvenile justice agencies as an alternative to punishment, disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and changing the trajectory for thousands of students. Our work has proved so effective that eight school districts across the region, the San Diego County District Attorney, and community and civic groups have turned to us as partners in their critical work to make systems throughout our region more equitable.

Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline: 
In partnership with San Diego Schools

The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) is partnering with eight school districts to make San Diego County a national model for restorative justice programs to stop the school-to-prison pipeline. 

For two generations, zero-tolerance policies in schools have too often treated students with disruptive behaviors – especially young people of color – as criminals to be punished, rather than individuals who need to repair harm done and reengage productively with their communities. 


Restorative school communities nurture the skills of youth and adults to create campus cultures of learning and safety, rather than punishment. 

National Conflict Resolution Center is working to embed restorative practices throughout the educational system. Together we build strong relationships and create positive, welcoming schools where every child is valued and honored for their innate potential.

With your support, NCRC will bring restorative practices to students and schools across San Diego County.

Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline: 
In partnership with community non-profit organizations and Juvenile Justice agencies

When a young person’s actions cause harm to other individuals or the community, the traditional justice system focuses on determining what law was broken and what punishment should be given. Punishment often means a loss of opportunities and an increase in recidivism. After one stay in juvenile hall, a youth is 40% less likely to graduate from high school and 40% more likely to be in prison by age 25. 


Since 2014, National Conflict Resolution Center has shown that holding the youth accountable in a restorative setting: 

Image depicts youth in a restorative circle

  •      Reduces future criminal activity
  •      Empowers those harmed
  •      Engages and strengthens the community
  •      Saves taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars

Instead of facing charges, a young person works with NCRC staff and their caregiver to develop a case plan. This case plan takes three-six months to complete and can include:  Completing a restorative conference with community members and those harmed, participating in appropriate behavioral health, therapy for substance misuse, and academic counseling.

Once youth complete the program, NCRC continues to work with them to build on their success, helping them develop skills that draw on their strengths. Rather than simply avoiding the pipeline to prison, San Diego youth can THRIVE and become ENGAGED members of our community.

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