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Welcome to Navajo Ministries...providing hope, restoration, and Christian values since 1953.  We currently operate three programs; the Four Corners Home for Children, Vertical Radio and Navajo Nation Outreach. 

The Four Corners Home for Children is our primary program.  We currently operate two children's homes with the capacity to care for up to 20 children.  The children in our care come to us for various reasons, from a variety of places, and in many different ways.  The common thread is that each child has suffered abuse, neglect, poverty, homelessness, and many horrible situations that we can only imagine.  Some children live at the Four Corners Home for Children for just a few days, and others for several years, or until they turn 18 and beyond.  Our motto is, "We do what we can while we have them."

Hope, restoration and Christian values...a young boy came to live with us at Christmas time.  His greatest gift?  A warm shower, something he had never experienced before.  The other children in the home got together and gave him some of their own Christmas gifts.  He was home.

A 3-year old girl and her siblings were placed in one of our homes.  She had long, flowing hair and liked to twirl around while wearing a beautiful dress.  She also had something that no child should have; a scar on her forehead from when someone in her home threw here against a bookcase, fracturing her skull.  Today, she is happy and healthy, living at home with her biological family, who credit the Four Corners Home for Children with saving her life.

Hope, restoration and Christian values...Navajo Ministries.  That's what we stand for.  Won't you stand with us?

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