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As a 27-year military officer veteran and military spouse, Nicole Gabriel is helping to #bridgethegap for service members and veterans to have access to better and more mental health services. In 2019, Ms. Gabriel received an $8,000 scholarship from the NBCC Foundation to support her counseling education and facilitate her service to military populations thanks to the generous contributions of NBCC Foundation's 2018 Giving Tuesday supporters.

NBCC Foundation military, minority, and rural scholarships, and capacity-building grants are made possible by donors who are inspired and motivated to help bridge the gap in mental health support for underserved and never-served communities around the world.

The NBCC Foundation’s objectives:  (1) increase the number of National Certified Counselors (2) ensure that they are working in high-priority areas and 3) engage them in the innovation of counseling practices for the underserved. 

The Foundation’s strategy is to award scholarships and fellowships to individuals who are already pursuing a career as a professional counselor, are affiliated with one of the high-priority areas and will commit to working there for at least two years.  All NBCC Foundation award recipients are involved in innovation and leadership training that enable the individuals to expand effective practice in their locations.

Through these initiatives, we will begin to fill the most critical gaps in mental health services in a sustainable and systematic way.

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