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For the past 26 years, we have operated an extraordinary special education non-profit school in Holyoke, MA, (one of the poorest and under served neighborhoods in our state). The school is called the NEARI School (the Northeast Education, Assessment and Research Institute).  NEARI works with very challenged students ages 7-22 who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused, were born with neurological deficits and learning disabilities and/or who struggle with significant mental health, social emotional and academic issues. To learn more about NEARI, you can visit our


With both foundation support and our own investments, we have a developed a unique and highly successful educational program grounded in best practice.  But with the economy still in need of recovery and increased demands on foundation funding, we are at risk of losing the hard won gains of more than a quarter century of work.  Because of these changes, for the first time we are asking our friends, family and other supporters to please help us raise a minimum of $50,000.


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