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Do you ever wonder what artworks are in Sheldon’s basement?


It’s a question asked time and again. With collections as significant and varied as Sheldon’s, not every great work of art can be on display at any given time. Even if they could, the audience would be limited to those able to visit the museum building.


That’s where the magic of digitization comes in. So that you can see and learn about every work in the Sheldon’s collection, we are taking high-quality photographs of each of the 12,000 artworks, building a searchable database for images and information, and revamping our website.


Digitization will make the collection accessible to you 24/7, at home or on-the-go, on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Whenever you want to see great works of art.


Of course digitization won’t benefit you alone. It will help students doing research. Curators and art historians will develop knowledge of our collection to borrow art for exhibitions and publications. Teachers will gain valuable educational resources.


Your support is vital—and easy. A gift of just $10 will digitize an artwork.


But why stop there? $100 will digitize 10 works, or $1,000 will digitize 100 works. Your support is essential to achieve the goal of $120,000 to make digitization and accessibility a reality.


Your support helps answer the question “What artworks are in Sheldon’s basement?”


Digitization will transform the impact of the collection on art lovers, students, and educators. Your gift of just $10 or more will make that difference. Please donate today. Thank you.

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