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Founded in 1985, the Nebraska State Stroke Association set out to aid Nebraskans by helping survivors of stroke live higher quality lives and educating Nebraskans on stroke prevention. This year, our energy and resources are especially focused on the many faces of stroke.

Many of us associate stroke with middle-aged and elderly people, and rightfully so; they do make up the largest populations of stroke survivors. However, the Nebraska State Stroke Association has helped stroke survivors from the age of birth to 101 years old. 

These survivors are the reason we feel the need focus on the many faces of stroke.

Nebraska stroke survivors already know our doors are open, but we strive to reach out to the people who have not yet had to deal with the effects stroke. We want to educate them and prevent them from ever suffering a stroke. 

If you are interested in helping provide stroke awareness education to our elementary school children...please consider giving to NSSA.

So, please help us in our mission to strike out stroke by donating to our cause.

For more information regarding the signs and symptoms of stroke, support groups and other information, please visit 


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