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NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley (NWBRV) is a community development corporation that works with residents, businesses, and neighborhood institutions to enrich neighborhood life and make affordable housing opportunities available throughout Northern Rhode Island.

Expanding on our mission

NeighborWorks® Blackstone River Valley (NWBRV) works with communities and residents to open opportunities for everyone to live and work in exceptional homes and neighborhoods throughout the Blackstone Valley.

We believe that where we live matters. Our neighborhoods, and all they encompass, shape our lives and in many ways, determine our opportunities, especially our children’s. We believe that good affordable housing, in a quality neighborhood provides a solid grip on the American Dream, making a better life possible.

We build neighborhoods and communities of greater opportunity, justice and prosperity for everyone, especially for low and moderate-income families and individuals. We strive to collaborate and create places that inspire hope, promote creativity, learning and enterprise and encourage investment while eliminating barriers that perpetuate poverty.

We work with residents, communities and other stakeholders to overcome and remove the barriers that stand in the way of affordable housing development. We then build or renovate homes, apartments, learning centers and other community facilities that contribute to personal growth and transformation and enhance the larger community.

To further enrich community life, we spearhead special initiatives and projects that bring residents together to plan and take action to create positive change, build prosperity, and make their neighborhoods exceptional places to live, work and invest.

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