Neighborhood House Association

A nonprofit organization

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"Awesome staff, teachers are amazing! There's a genuine desire to help kids learn. Neighborhood House is a huge help to working parents." - Gabriela, Chilldren's Program Parent

We belive income shouldn't determine a child's academic success & that all children deserve opportunities to reach their fullest potential. 

425 children enrolled | 93% low-income | 80% ethnic minorities

"Thank you for taking care of my mom for me while I'm at work. Mom loves going to Neighborhood House where she is so well cared for." - Betsy, Adult Day Services Caregiver

The supervised care we provide fills a critical gap in the continuum of care, helping older & disabled adults age-in-place. 

125 adults enrolled | 67% low-income | 21 veterans

We provided 50,000+ days of care last year & work to make our programs affordable by flexingthe cost of care to match each family's income. 

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Neighborhood House Association

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1050 W 500 S


(801) 363-4589

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