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"The greatest good we can do for others is to reveal their riches to themselves."  

Nebraska Human Resources Institute (NHRI) is a leadership development program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where outstanding college leaders are paired with outstanding young leaders in Lincoln Public Schools. NHRI's objective is to discover individuals with exceptional capacity to positively influence others and develop their leadership capacity through one-to-one investment relationships. The outcome hoped for is that these leaders direct their developed leadership toward reinvestment in others.

NHRI was founded in 1949 by positive psychology scholars, Dr. William Hall & Dr. Donald Clifton. Their realm of academic study centered on examining students who seemed to relate well with people. Throughout all of their years of research, they learned that these students shared a common theme: they had people in their lives-- difference makers-- who identified their strengths and provided them with opportunities to develop those strengths.

The powerful outcomes of this research sparked a new idea: the Nebraska Human Resources Institute. In this innovative organization, outstanding college students (counselors) were paired with equally outstanding local high school students (counselees) in one-to-one relationships. Dr. Hall and Dr. Clifton continued to see that the best way to help people grow and to build on their strengths is to be involved in positive relationships with successful people who are willing and capable of investing in others.

NHRI has grown to be the largest leadership development organization at UNL, with over 180 college students and over 180 K-12 students enrolled each year.  These students are organized into eleven"projects," based on age and/or school attending. Our college student participants have a profound impact both on and off campus, with many of them being involved in Innocents & Mortar Board honor societies, merit scholars, student government leaders, homecoming candidates, and greek house leadership.

Recently, the staff of NHRI have initiated an impressive research agenda; the first study demonstrated that NHRI students are more generative than their peers (indicating that they are more concerned with establishing & guiding the next generation), which is the highest predictor of social responsibility.  NHRI will continue to do this important work with your support.  

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Some testimonies from current and past participants:

"Logan has helped me learn that experience isn't everything, and that leaders come in all forms. Logan and I couldn't differ more in some strengths and talents, but that makes the experience all the more amazing because we constantly learn and grow from each other. He has really helped me realize that leaders aren't leaders because of what they're given, they're leaders because of what they do with those gifts." -Josh Burks, current counselor

"NHRI has helped me not only realize things about myself and my strengths that will help me related most effectively to others, but also has taught me how to do the same for others." -Hannah Potter, former counselor

"If the greatest good we can do for others is help them reveal their riches to themselves, then our passion, our creativity, and our energies are best invested in places, in people where they will inspire new ideas and new passions and new concerns for the leaders of tomorrow.  It's the Ripple Effect."  -Chance Solem-Pfeifer, former counselor

"To me, NHRI is not only an impacting program to be a part of, but a truly inspiring and wonderful community made up of the greatest kids you'll meet. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to invest, be invested in, and see tangible, life changing results. NHRI and the people involved have had one of the biggest influences on me and my college experience so far." -Claire Hawkins, current counselor

"I have often cited NHRI as one of the most positive influences on my actions and development." -Wendy Leuenberger, former junior counselor

"Pairing Wendy & I together transformed my college experience from ordinary to incredible."  -Amanda Crook, former counselor


Sponsor an NHRI Investment Relationship, in which Counselors meet weekly with Junior Counselors in order to identify and develop the JC's strengths, so they can use those strengths to benefit others.

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