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In 1972, New Life began when members of the community banded together performing outreach to the homeless and addicted in Santa Cruz County. Now, the oldest family shelter and treatment program in the area, New Life provides for the community in many different ways: residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, emergency shelter for families, a food pantry and street kitchen, training for university and graduate students, and counseling services for individuals, children, families, groups, and couples.

Each year, New Life provides long-term substance abuse treatment to hundreds of addicts. Since 1972, more than 118,000 people from families in crisis have received emergency shelter. In addition, New Life has served more than 1.5 million meals since it opened.

Our Services

Residential & Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment:

  • Private non-profit licensed twelve-step social model with a variable stay (90-day, 6-month, longer.)
  • Individual and group therapy, including client education.
  • Special groups for women, men, and those transitioning out of incarceration.
  • Programming at night allows for employment during the day.


Emergency Shelter & Food Programs

  • Shelter and food programs include emergency sheltering for families with children.
  • Food pantry and a street kitchen.
  • We provide information and referral for social services throughout our area.


Counseling Services

  • Stratton Counseling Services offers help away from our main campus for a variety of needs.
  • Therapists and interns provide marriage, family, child, and crisis counseling.
  • Community forums and education is also provided throughout our community.


Certification Training for Addiction Counseling

  • In cooperation with two University programs New Life serves a training facility.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students fulfill their practicum hours for addiction counseling and certification. 

 Provide a New Life

Your generous contribution in any amount will allow an individual or family to begin a New Life, a long-term solution - not a quick fix. The most popular forms of support include:

Providing a Treatment Scholarship

Often people simply need help getting started! Just $698 will allow someone to enter and participate in treatment until they can support themselves. All applicants are interviewed and screened to ensure they are appropriate for our program and willing to change their lives.

Sheltering a Family in Crisis

Partner with us in providing over 2,000 nights of emergency shelter in 2014-15. Families in crisis often only need temporary housing in a safe and caring environment to get back on their feet. For just $25 you can provide that environment for a family member, or support a family of four for $100. 

Feed Families in Need

We need your help to meet our goal of providing 120,000 meals for families in 2012. Feed a family member for a week with just a $50 contribution, feed the whole family with a $200 contribution.

Make Counseling Affordable

Many in our community have few resources and no health insurance but desperately need the services of a professional counselor. For just $25 per session, you can sponsor and individual or family on path of personal growth.

While donations can be made as one-time gifts, monthly, or annually - their impact will last a lifetime. In-kind donations of goods and services and volunteers are always welcomed and needed. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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