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Located in Cumming, Georgia, No Longer Bound (NLB) is a long-term, state licensed, clinical and faith-based residential treatment program for men battling addiction. Our mission is to rescue addicts, regenerate men and reconcile families. 

Founded in 1991 as a refuge for men seeking escape from addiction, No Longer Bound is now a widely recognized treatment program with renowned success. Our 70% graduation rate is one of the highest in the industry. By focusing on intimacy with God, self, and others, NLB’s 12-month REGENERATION program differs greatly from conventional rehabilitation programs. We use the word regeneration rather than rehabilitation, because "to rehabilitate" means to return to a former state. But an addict’s former state is where his addiction began.

NLB’s Regeneration Program is relationally oriented and based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This “beliefs drive behaviors” model targets flawed core beliefs that cause destructive thoughts and actions (such as substance abuse), replacing them with new core beliefs that produce healthy behaviors and sustained sobriety.

 Men undergo intensive classroom work to resolve wounds of the past, repair damaged belief systems, and restore relational health. They participate in group and individual therapy as well as vocational rehabilitation. Because addiction affects more than just the individual, we also provide one full year of comprehensive Family Recovery support.

Not only does a year of treatment allow for comprehensive therapeutic support, it also provides a full year of job training in one of our four revenue-generating industries. In 2019, revenue from Cars4Recovery, NLB Thrift, NLB Furniture and NLB STUDIOS covered 87% of No Longer Bound’s administrative costs. More importantly, these workplace environments provided job skill training that resulted in 100% of our residents graduating employed.

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