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An art journey began with a young couple, Norman and Libby Lowell, building a tiny log cabin in the Alaskan wild.

Today, the 10,000 square-foot Norman Lowell Gallery of Alaska stands on the bluffs overlooking the Anchor River on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. It houses the lifetime collection of the renowned artist who came here in 1958 seeking adventure.

The Gallery and properties preserve a story of the homesteading life, and glimpses into Alaska's past through a large collection of artifacts. They hold the wonder and awe of the beauty of Alaska through the eyes of a master painter. 

The original cabin, the artist's gardens, the first studio from 1975, and the gallery, completed in 2000 and housing a Permanent Collection of over 300 paintings, are all available to see.

Your donation to the nonprofit foundation, which owns and manages this property, helps us present this unique property and collection free of charge to all visitors, and preserve it for the enjoyment of coming generations!

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