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We are excited to announce that we are expanding our school! In September 2016, the Montessori School of Northampton will add middle school to its current toddler through elementary program. 

Pioneer Valley families looking for the right middle school now have an exciting new option, as this will be Northampton's first independent middle school and the first Montessori middle school within a 40-mile radius. And MSN’s middle school program will take education well beyond the four walls of the classroom.

 “Our middle-schoolers will benefit from the unique materials, intensively trained teachers and self-directed learning for which Montessori schools are known worldwide,” says Susan Swift, Head of School at MSN. “But they will also work and learn at local farms, theaters and businesses, and do service projects to benefit the local community.”

 “Our out-in-the-community curriculum was designed with the specific developmental needs of adolescents in mind," says Corey Hadden, the school's Montessori-trained and experienced middle school teacher.  “As any parent of a twelve-year old will tell you, these kids are in transition, changing from children to teenagers. Their bodies, their minds, their self-image are all in flux. The experience of doing meaningful work alongside adults and one another will help build a sense of self, with purpose, responsibility and a love for learning that will help them succeed as they enter high school and beyond.”

At the MSN middle school, students will embrace academically challenging project-based work. They will also learn practical life skills such as peaceful resolution of conflict, time management and study skills, safe and appropriate use of technology, healthy living and mindfulness. As a result, MSN middle school students will enter high school with the essential qualities and skills needed to thrive: confidence, competence, compassion, mindfulness, discipline, initiative, and the ability to think critically, creatively, and work with others. 

Today, we are asking you to support Montessori in the Pioneer Valley.  The gifts a Montessori education brings to each child are enormous.  We need your donation to support those gifts, this school, its students, and its teachers. Together we can keep Montessori education going well into the future.



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