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Our mission & vision

We provide a safe haven of healing and hope for adult survivors of sexual violence or harassment, and their loved ones, while tirelessly working toward a safer future for all through education and awareness.

We envision a world free of sexual assault. Until then, we want a world where every survivor is believed and every perpetrator is held accountable. 

Founded as NWA Rape Crisis, through mission-driven work, our center has offered free comprehensive support to adult survivors of sexual assault since 1982. For nearly 40 years, we have taken action to actively counter a culture that perpetuates sexual violence, and we do this by addressing the individual and community hurts caused by those who commit these acts of violence.

We want every survivor to know: you are not alone—we are here for you.

Our team works diligently, every day, to create a culture that supports survivors of rape and sexual assault. Please help us create a culture in Northwest Arkansas that supports survivors.

Our commitment to justice & inclusion

Our mission at NWA Center for Sexual Assault is to provide a safe haven of healing and hope for adult survivors of sexual violence or harassment. Racism and discrimination are counter to that mission and have no place in this work, our community, or our world.

We recognize that because of racism and discrimination, many of the survivors we serve often endure additional levels of violence and harassment. This is wrong, and we will always stand against these injustices. Through our community-specific outreach projects and our commitment to be inclusive in our practices, we will continue to work tirelessly toward a safer future for all through education and awareness.

Community outreach projects

We have several community-focused outreach projects. Our advocates work hard to promote awareness so that every member of our community affected by sexual assault knows we're here for them. We assist at events, conduct community presentations, provide training, and more.

  1. Let's Talk NWA (Black and African-American communities)
  2. Project ARCH (LGBTQ+)
  3. GRACE for Survivors (faith-focused)
  4. Estamos Contigo (Hispanic and Latinx communities)
  5. Kinke Kwojjab Make Iam (KKMI) (Marshallese)

What we do

The impact of sexual assault affects both the survivor and the survivor's loved ones—which we call secondary survivors—and our comprehensive services are available in English, Spanish, and Marshallese. These services are available to anyone in Northwest Arkansas who has been affected by rape or sexual assault.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we're able to provide a number of free services to adult survivors of sexual violence (and their loved ones).

Our free services

24-hour crisis hotline | Our center provides crisis intervention, referral information, and emotional support to anyone dealing with the aftermath of rape and sexual assault. Speak to someone now by calling our 24-hour crisis hotline: 800-794-4175.

Forensic rape kits & exams | We offer free forensic rape kit exams in a compassionate, non-hospital setting. Rape kit exams gather DNA and other evidence from the survivor's body and can be performed within 96 hours of a rape or sexual assault.

We provide our services to the Northwest Arkansas area (Benton, Madison, and Washington counties), and we utilize only trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. In addition to collecting evidence, our nurses offer preventative antibiotics for sexually transmitted infections.

Individual advocacy | We offer compassionate support, referrals, and resources to survivors and their loved ones, assisting them through every step of the healing process.

From reporting the assault to conducting exams and assistance with court processing (if the survivor chooses to report), we do everything we can to accommodate and support the needs of our clients.

Therapeutic counseling | We provide in-depth talk therapy to assist survivors and their loved ones in exploring their long-term healing needs.

Our counseling services include individual, couples, family, and group therapy for all those dealing with the emotional impact of sexual violence—regardless of when it occurred. 

Weekly support groups | Our support groups give sexual assault survivors a safe place to find strength and healing in the company of other survivors. Groups typically meet every Wednesday at our center.

In addition to our in-house support groups, we can visit your agency, organization, or institution and provide support and educational groups for your staff and clients who may be survivors. 

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