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Here's what some of the moms we've helped have said:

"Kate from NMC came to my house (for free!) and gave me information, encouragement, and support. It was really helpful especially since I’m a first time mom and my baby was not gaining weight fast enough due to jaundice and my milk supply was still ramping up. I felt like a failure for not knowing how to get my baby to latch correctly and for not producing enough milk. Having her check my latch gave me comfort and confidence to keep going. I only saw her once but she checked up on me via text a for a few weeks after the meeting. So glad I found this organization! I think every new mom should take advantage of their services! Thank you!" --Alisa

"Nursing Mothers Counsel helped me so generously and unexpectedly. Right after I had my baby, someone kindly offered me their time and I was able to call & email with questions. It felt so wonderful to be supported and have someone on my side. An incredible resource that I am so grateful for!" --Doris

"Thank you for helping me a few months ago, when I had real trouble getting my daughter to latch on, and I was feeling really overwhelmed and desperate. It means even more because you did it for nothing, and looking back I am pretty sure that if I didn't have your encouragement and help, I may have really lost faith in my ability to breastfeed. Right now Ea is 4.5 months old, and breastfeeding her on either side is simply a breeze (we could both do it with our eyes closed)." --Joanna

"Sanjay and I just made it to 18 months on our breastfeeding journey. He's a delightful little toddler now, and I've decided I'll let him continue for as long as he wants. I wanted to say thank you again for all your help. When he was a newborn, I wasn't sure we'd make it to a year, but we continue to enjoy the journey tremendously. I really appreciate all your encouragement." --Karen

"Before you have a baby people always tell you that your life is going to change and a difficult but rewarding task lives ahead. Since babies do not come with an instruction manual you can take classes, read books,talk to people, but nothing REALLY prepares you for the real thing! The Nursing Mothers Counsel was there for support when my baby arrived. I had so many uncertainties about breastfeeding and infant behavior and sometimes Google just does not do the trick. Talking to a real and caring person who shared common experiences was extremely helpful when I needed it most. The Nursing Mothers Counsel was always available for support and questions, and would even call to check in on me. I am grateful for the availability of free and quality breast feeding support in my community." --Andrea

"Thanks so much for taking my call on Wednesday. It was good to talk to someone since as a first time mom I felt a bit scared when he wasn't initially eating too much. I really appreciate your services!"

"Vanessa from the Nursing Mother's Counsel was instrumental in getting my breastfeeding off to a good start. As a first-time mom, I needed a lot of guidance to get the proper technique down. Vanessa took the time to check in and listen to my concerns while providing guidance and support. It was so greatly appreciated!  I felt that I had a friend who I could call if needed during those tough first weeks. She had answers to all my questions, and emailed me very helpful videos and information. NMC is a valuable resource to all breastfeeding mothers!" --Katie

"Even before I found out I was pregnant with my first child back in 2006, I was more excited to breastfeed my children than anything! Things didn't go as I had imagined when my son was born, and after many challenges with tongue tie and damaged nipples, my lactation consultant told me about Nursing Mothers Counsel. Unfortunately, there weren't any chapters where I lived on the East Coast, but we moved to San Francisco when my son was a year old, and I quickly found the S.F. Bay Area Chapter! I felt I had so much to give; that there was no way I was the only mom to have these challenges. I've loved every second of the 5+ years I've been helping moms and babies and educating through our classes and events!" --Gretchen

"I joined NMC in 1988. I had many breastfeeding problems and my doctor did not tell me about NMC. At that time there were no lactation consultants to turn to for support. I wanted to help new moms avoid what I went through. It is very fulfilling to help a mom through common challenges and see her meet and even exceed her breastfeeding goals! I also enjoy being a breastfeeding instructor and teaching NMC's free breastfeeding classes. We have counselors who have new babies and ones with grandchildren. One of our counselors who may have helped some of you with breast pump rentals has been counseling 35 years! We are passionate about what we do!" --Lori

"Thank you very much for your time talking to me and your email. It really relieves my tension and stress. I'm really glad I can reach someone to talk over and your offer to hear me out really warms me up."


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