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Help FamiliesFORWARD provide academic support and music, arts and technology enrichments through its After-School Program in four Cincinnati Public schools. FamiliesFORWARD's school-based family-resource centers also include assistance for students and families with referrals for physical and mental health, employment, homelessness and other life challenges. The agency began in 1875 as the Ohio Humane Society and evolved into The Children's Protective Service of the Ohio Humane Society / FamiliesFORWARD. It provides services at Bond Hill Academy of Math and Science Discovery, Carson School, Hays-Porter School and Withrow University High School. About 99% of the students who the agency serves qualify for free and reduced-price lunch, an indicator of poverty. The agency also provides field trips to various educational venues and, in partnership with the Freestore Foodbank, provides a daily meal just before students leave the After-School Program for their homes. Many of the opportunities would be unavailable to students without FamiliesFORWARD's programming. Please help us as we provide great opportunities for underserved children!

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Ohio Humane Society dba FamiliesFORWARD

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