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 “We remember, we collect, we protect.” 

The Old Church Gallery is Floyd County's Cultural Arts Museum.   For  forty-two years we have been preserving Floyd County’s rich artistic and historical heritage through exhibits, workshops, and a digital archive of images and recordings.   Our oral history programs, organized under the Floyd Story Center, have recorded and transcribed interviews with 120 county residents and counting.  Many of these were conducted by students from Floyd County High School and Radford University as we have worked to weave multiple generations together in gathering the stories that define our county and people.

During  the pandemic,  the Gallery is postponing the opening  of our next exhibit, "There's THE BUFFALO!" until it is safe for all to enjoy it.  This exhibit will feature local artists' visions of Floyd County's highest point and most recognized natural feature expressed in a variety of media.  The exhibit will also pull from oral history interviews with people whose lives were closely connected with Buffalo Mountain.  

 Volunteer Clara Martin assists Citizens Cooperative videographer Hari Berzins in taping a virtual tour of the 2019 exhibits.  You may view the tour by clicking on the link below.

Just as trees are very much alive during dormant seasons,  the deep-rooted Old Church Gallery continues growing as we work on ways to share our collected wealth virtually. We are digitizing all interview materials, photographing and developing a database for a full inventory of items in our permanent collections, reworking our website, and exploring ways to present online exhibits. 

We depend upon donations to maintain the Gallery house, pay our operating costs, and  keep our technology current.  Because we are an entirely volunteer organization, every dollar contributed to Old Church Gallery helps pay the bills and move our programs forward.  With 2020's unforeseen challenges, individual donations are especially critical.  Thank you for considering our needs.

We do look forward to welcoming visitors back to the Gallery house and invite you to follow us on Facebook and check out our efforts through http://oldchurchgallery.org/ and http://www.floydstorycenter.blogspot.com.

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