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Giving Tuesday is here! For this Giving Tuesday, we are hoping to raise $6,000 for a utility shed. We have recently moved into our new building, and have low storage space. While we have similar overall square footage in our new building that we had for our old building, the majority of the space has gone to expand our spay/neuter clinic and living spaces for our animals. At our previous location, we had a basement, attic, and garage to store things. At our new location, we have one room to store all the items that were previously stored in three spaces. This room also has our counter where we draw up daily medications for our shelter cats. We have A LOT of food, litter, beds, traps/trapping supplies, spay/neuter clinic supplies, fundraising supplies, donations, and other animal care supplies that have to be put somewhere, and we have no where to put them! We also have an eBay store that we sell items to help support our cause, and we need storage for them as well. A utility shed will help us store all these items. 

More about us...

The Humane Society of Oldham County is a local no kill rescue and far too familiar with the sad but true stories of neglect and abuse of innocent animals but we are making a proven difference in their lives and the community we serve. We need your help to continue. 

It's a labor of love that brings so many wonderful people together to make up a very effective mostly volunteer team. We come from all walks of life but have one thing in common. We love animals and believe in their humane treatment. Once you've saved an animal that has been neglected or abused by giving them the care and love they desperately need and watch them leave the facility healthy, happy and full of love, it is a feeling of joy that is hard to explain.

We have a wonderful dog training program at the Kentucky State Reformatory called KSR Camp K-9. It is designed to take homeless dogs of all breeds and sizes and provide them with training to help insure their adoptions will be successful. All inmates are carefully screened and trained to become handlers. The results are amazing for both dogs and inmates alike. Some dogs are chosen to continue in our 4 Paws 4 Service program that provides service dogs to veterans, first responders and 5 star families.

We offer a low cost spay and neuter clinic that services not only clients that could otherwise not afford it but also other animal rescues and shelters who need low costs clinics to continue their work. Through our clinic we are able to reduce the amounts of unwanted litters of animals.  Stray cats can plague a community and lead to a very hard life for them. We trap them, spay or neuter them, relocate them to barns or suitable homes when possible or return them to their environment where they can live out their days but not reproduce. We are seeing the positive results of our programs and spay/neuter clinics. We have performed over 20,000 spay/neuters since 2005 greatly reducing the number of unwanted pets and are helping to make the Oldham County Animal Shelter, a county funded  shelter,  a no-kill facility as well. There is still much work to be done. 

Please help us continue our mission.

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