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What do you think a drum circle, a rabbit, and a swimming pool have in common? They are all helpful in improving lives for our seniors to prevent falls--check out the video above! It's strange but true: our Activities Specialist, Nicholas Sager, says that creativity, staying active, and learning late in life can improve cognition and mood for seniors, and more importantly, prevent injury. Nicholas also says, "Even delaying an admission to a residential care facility for the elderly by a few months can make a huge difference in any senior's life and our activity programming helps achieve that."

Consider Maria:

On days when she attends On Lok, Maria looks forward to the teal van that arrives at her family’s home in San Jose around 8:30am. She greets the driver whom she has known since she joined On Lok in spring of 2014. Upon arriving, she works with a physical therapist who leads activities to improve balance and strength, so that she can be more resilient against falls. “The exercise program is my favorite,” Maria tells us. She rests in the recreation room after the program, and reads through a Spanish language magazine until lunch is served.

In the afternoon, Maria works on techniques for one of her favorite new activities: drawing. Through her art classes, she has been exposed to both technique as well as new cultural practices, like the celebration of the Moon Festival of Lunar New Year. Around 3:00pm, the teal van takes her and several other participants back to their homes. The driver leaves her with a hot evening meal, and any medications she might need for the following day. Maria appreciates having On Lok in her life, “I come here twice a week and always feel energized and happy!”

The Activity Program is part of the On Lok community-driven effort to provide services to help seniors avoid nursing home placement. In the 1970s, On Lok Lifeways pioneered the model of care known as "Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly" or PACE. An interdisciplinary team (physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, health workers, drivers and more) work together to form coordinated care plans that included all medical care, transportation and social services.

On Lok Lifeways' PACE allows seniors who are ill or disabled to live in their own home, whether home is a family residence, apartment, retirement village or hotel room. "On Lok" means peaceful happy abode in Chinese.

YOUR GIFT TODAY will provide the funding for the Activity Program that helps our seniors stay active, creative, learn new technology and, most importantly, enjoy healthier living in their community.

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