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Amidst a pandemic, Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center needs your support more than ever. Our mission is to instill a connection and commitment to the environment in people of all communities through experiential learning, and no matter the obstacle, we will continue to fight for this. Learn more about ways to help Osprey Wilds

More About Our Work 

We believe that a healthy environment starts with and is perpetuated by a personal connection to it, and Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center (formerly the Audubon Center of the North Woods) is and has been committed to that goal for 50 years.  

By working with all ages and audiences, we create leaders in the environmental field that spans generations, disciplines and the globe. We rely on the input from donors like you as a significant resource to helping us meet our mission. We appreciate your faith and support in our mission and efforts. 

Help Us Build Informed Leaders

Every day we make choices that impact the environment.  Each of us depends on the Earth’s resources for our survival, our health and our happiness. At Osprey Wilds ELC, we model environmentally responsible decision-making through experiential education and sustainable energy practices to over 10,000 learners each year. Those learners then share the informed decision-making model with others.

Your contribution will help us sustain our high-quality programs and to meet our mission.

Please show your belief in Osprey Wilds by making a financial contribution. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide in furthering our mission.

Midwest Leader in Experiential Education 

Osprey Wilds has been creating life-changing experiences that lead to more informed decision-makers through a variety of environmental learning experiences for people of all ages, with programming in natural history and science, team-building, adventure programming, wildlife, energy, outdoor skills and human history, including:

  • Residential and day-program K-12 programs with a curriculum that ranges from ecology, environment and energy to cultural studies to science and wildlife to adventure and 
  • team-building (all of our K12 classes are aligned with MN Academic Standards)
  • Outreach and naturalist-in-residence programs
  • Youth, adult and family camps
  • Road Scholar programs
  • Nationwide college courses
  • State and national teacher trainings and retreats
  • Community gatherings featuring environmental topics and renowned speakers
  • Year-round nature programs

Our programs connect a wide variety of people with the environment, many for the first time. By working with all audiences, we create leaders in the field of the environment that spans generations, disciplines and the globe.

Sustainable Energy Modeling

Osprey Wilds continues to be a statewide leader in renewable energy as seen immediately when a visitor enters the grounds.  Solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, geothermal heating and cooling and a wind turbine are demonstrations of our commitment to sustainable energy technologies and shows audiences what they can do in their own schools, businesses and homes. We are furthering our commitment to improve efficiency in all our buildings and increase the amount of renewable energy produced on-site.

Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated! 

Please contact us if you are interested in getting more information about Sustaining Contributions, Charitable IRA rollovers, Planned Giving or Legacy Giving - 888-404-7743.

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