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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) people are members of our families. One of every four families has an LGBTQ member. Rejection of an LGBTQ person by her or his family is a tragedy for each person in the immediate and extended family unit. We know that a significant percentage of teen suicides are related to such rejection.  Most homeless teens are believed to have been kicked out of their homes for revealing an LGBTQ identity. PFLAG formed as a venue to offer support, educate, and to provide a larger voice to attain full civil rights for the LGBTQ population.

Your donation will help us support many LGBTQ-related events that take place throughout the community. Currrently, we are looking into ways to secure a homeless shelter for youth whose families displace them for identifying as LGBTQ.

Providing financial support for PFLAG helps us to further our mission of providing support in a variety of ways: we hold meetings every month to talk through issues people wish to discuss in a safe/confidential format, and we provide informational brochures for those who seek information. We maintain a library of both written, and electronic material. We help to support community events that provide LGBTQ-related content. We help to send students to LGBTQ academic events. We provide speakers to attend panels in the community on request. We provide at least one meal per holiday season so individuals may have a PFLAG family with whom to eat.

Your donation can go a long way in helping to secure a safe environment for untold numbers of individuals, and ultimately toward helping to provide environments that foster one's potential, rather than one that is exclusionary/judgmental/hateful. We strive to support families that may experience a degree of fracture so they may heal. Other times we support the idea that individuals may develop their own families. So in the end, we do what we can to support a more accepting families, friends, and community. When individuals thrive, so do their communities, so do we all.

The PFLAG-Cornhusker chapter was first incorporated in 1987. In 2013 we formally updated our name to include PFLAG Lincoln.

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