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Support Education and Advocacy are the cornerstones of PFLAG's mission.  PFLAG strives to SUPPORT anyone struggling with any gender or sexuality issues whether it their own or a loved one.  EDUCATE an ill-informed pubic.  And ADVOCATE to end discrimination and secure equal rights.  As the current chair, I am thrilled to be a part of this organization.  I am ready with a hug and an ear for any support issue.  I am ready for any discussion to help educate and change hearts and minds.  I am ready to fight against discrimination and inequality for any people.

If you keep up with the news, you realize the need for this SUPPORT EDUCATION AND ADVOCACY as much now as in the days past.  Children are coming out or exploring their sexuality/gender earlier than ever.  We are talking about gender identity as much much more than binary.  Marriage equality is a reality in more and more states.  PFLAG sets the stage for this to all happen safely and lovingly.

We all need a safe place to be ourselves.  The more I work with PFLAG for this, the more confident I feel for myself and the world around me.  

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