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  • PFLAG SLC provides scholarships for LGBT Students and their Allies!
  • PFLAG SLC tables at events to help educate doctors, religious organizations etc.
  • PFLAG SLC speaks in High Schools to help students understand the challenges the LGBT Community faces everyday.
  • PFLAG SLC supports parents, families and friends process their concerns and feelings, as well as, helping them understand appropriate responses when someone comes out to them.
  • PFLAG SLC meets new members outside of meetings to continue support.
  • PFLAG SLC helps provide warm clothing, sleepings bags and snacks for homeless LGBT Youth  Did you know that almost 1/2 of homeless youth are LGBT in Salt Lake City.
  • PFLAG SLC partners with other organizations to develop an anti-bullying discussion for students. 


 When I first entered a PFLAG support group I was so emotional I could hardly speak.  With the patience of the facilitator I was able to explain that I had just learned that my only daughter was a lesbian.  I shared that I had no idea that this was true for her.  It was against everthing I believed as a member of my church. The PFLAG members understood my shock and confusion and helped me understand that what I was feeling was normal for my situation. One of my greatest concerns was whether I could stay in my church and support my daughter! Thankfully,as the months went by I realized that both were possible.  The warmth of the SLC PFLAG members helped me begin to smile again. With their support I was able to learn to talk to my daughter and ask her questions.  It wasn't always easy or smooth, but what was important was that we were talking.  I'm not sure if my family would have survived without the love, understanding and support of this wonderful organization.  As my shock and anger began to subside I realized that what I had personally experienced was only a small part of what this organization provides.  PFLAG SLC is involved in supporting the LGBT Community through discussions, education and advocacy.  In the last few years I have proudly walked with my PFLAG friends in the Utah Pride Parade, I helped organize projects for homeless youth and began participating on panel discussions.  I have told many students about their scholarship program and have helped them contact PFLAG SLC for information.  PFLAG SLC is active in creating safe schools for all children in Utah and often speaks with groups and schools about what can be done to stop the bullying in our schools.  Programs to help parents/family members understand how to respond appropriately when their child/family member comes out are presented in an effort to prevent feelings for the child/family member that can result in suicide.  PFLAG SLC proveds countless volunteer hours to better the lives of the gay community.  I now look forward to the meetings and have become a supportive member of the group. Now, I support new members experience the transformation I have experienced.


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