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Faced with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, The Patch Works has become committed to finding an alternative (and safer) way to continue its mission of preserving the stories of historic Cabbagetown Atlanta and keeping the community's residents engaged. Due to the pandemic, The Patch Works made the difficult decision to close its doors to the public, but simultaneously — just like other museums and learning centers across the world — began working to offer its content online. This effort has translated into a variety of upcoming projects that have been tailored for a virtual delivery. Many of these projects will be made available to the public in early 2021. For example:

  • Digital exhibits  Anyone who previously had the opportunity to visit The Patch Works' museum knows that — when it comes to both history and art — this tiny neighborhood has a lot to offer. In early 2021, The Patch Works will present its first online exhibit: the work of Diana Schoenfeld, whose honest yet beautifully nuanced photographs of Cabbagetown residents in 1971 have never before been seen by the public. 
  • Digital “virtual” tours of Cabbagetown  In place of its standard, guided walking tours, The Patch Works will now offer self-guided Virtual Walking Tours. Freedom Park Conservancy has been collaborating with The Patch Works on its first tour, assisting with both the design and implementation. The tour will be online at the beginning of 2021.
  • Online community events  This past June (2020), The Patch Works collaborated with the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association on hosting the historic, 49th Annual Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival... online! Using the Zoom platform, the two neighborhood organizations created a four-hour presentation, filled with live music, storytelling, games, and places for participants to pay their respect to recently departed loved ones. Next June (2021), the Cabbagetown Reunion turns 50 years old, and The Patch Works will once again work with CNIA to ensure that this tradition continues, regardless of whether its online or in-person. (See photos below from the 2019 reunion.)
  • Online educational workshops  The Patch Works has always enjoyed offering visitors the chance to hear from historians, local educators, and artists, all of whom have delighted audiences with their stories and/or artwork relevant to Cabbagetown. In 2021, The Patch Works will offer online Guest Speaker events, once again providing the public with an opportunity to learn directly from a Primary Source.
  • Online community resources  The pandemic has taught communities that, more than ever, it's become increasingly important for people to look out for each other. In 2021, The Patch Works will be providing an online forum for residents who are looking for ways to assist others around Cabbagetown.

Although a transition to a fully virtual format has drastically reduced overhead costs, The Patch Works is still faced with paying for upgraded website and internet services, organizational fees, as well as for an environmentally controlled storage unit that protects the neighborhood's historic artifacts, artwork, and fragile antique documents. Your generous donation will allow The Patch Works to continue its mission. With your assistance, The Patch Works not only will push through these difficult times, but will be able to offer its services on an even greater scale.

For more information on the projects currently in development, please feel free to contact us at The Patch Works!

The Patch Works Art & History Center is a US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and a 509(a)(2) Public Charity. Donors can deduct contributions made to The Patch Works under IRC Section 170.

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