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Ideally there would be enough homes for all animals in need. However, that is simply not the case. Instead of contributing to the overflowing shelter populations, we seek to intervene before animals make it to the shelters. Many times a lack of information and education is what makes some families feel desperate and forced to rehome their pets. If we can provide assistance to these families, we can reduce the number of animals in search of homes. 

Some unexpected life events can cause families to have no other choice but to rehome their pet. Instead of dropping the animal off at a shelter or using Craigslist to advertise, we want to help those families in need to help rehome their pets responsibly and safely. We also help local and out-of-area shelters when their kennels get full or when they have special dogs with health issues needing urgent placement. We are foster-based which means that all of our animals are in homes, often with children and other pets. 

Our foster-based rescue has many benefits for the animals. We have found that the transition from one home to the next is much less stressful for the animals than when they transition from a shelter. We also have the benefit of providing very detailed information about the animals in home environments. All of this leads to a smoother adoption that makes the experience positive for everyone involved.

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