Pearsons Howling Timbers

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The sanctuary provides shelter for 45 wolf dogs divided into 16  packs.  These animals are illegal in Michigan and many other states and would be euthanized if it weren't for the help of Howling Timbers.   They are given the opportunity to live in large natural enclosures with companions of the same species.

In addition, the sanctuary provides a home for exotics (coatimundis, kinkajou, fox, chinchillas, and a monkey); farm animals (horses, goats, donkeys, pigs, alpacas, miniature cows, sherp, bunnies, and chickens); and reptiles (bearded dragons, Iguana, turtles, and a snake). 

The sanctuary provides educational guided tours to school groups, scouts, church groups, individuals, and families who want to learn about these magnificent animals.

Howling Timbers receives no local, state, or federal funding and is staffed by volunteers with no paid employees.  Funding is provided through donations and the support of the co-founders.

The sanctuary's stringent budget is in need of a boost. All donations will be directly used for the care/feeding of the animals and are tax-deductible.


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Pearsons Howling Timbers

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