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The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center strives to eliminate the suffering of homeless cats and dogs by providing humane care for pets in transition, facilitating adoptions to good homes, supporting pet overpopulation education, and supporting sterilization of companion animals.  

At the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center we take in healthy, adoptable cats and dogs from owners who can no longer care for them.   We are also often able to receive animals from other agencies that are forced to use euthanasia as an option.  Animals stay in our care until a loving home is found. We are an “adoption guarantee” organization.  Once we’re involved no adoptable animal is ever destroyed.  Even animals that have special needs or are too young to be adopted are temporary cared for by volunteers through our pet foster care program.

Our staff and volunteers monitor the physical and emotional health of the animals daily providing a safe and stable environment, medical attention and loving socialization. A progressive stress reduction program helps keep our residents healthy, happy and adoptable. All animals are vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed or neutered.

At our Center it’s all about finding the right pet based on personalities and the lifestyle of prospective owners. We believe there is a pet for every person and a person for every pet. All of our new owners go through a well-developed adoption process educating them on all aspects of the animal they are adopting. We also provide post adoption resources through a pet behavior helpline manned by specially trained volunteers. 

We’ve been able to some amazing things.  Just think how much more we would be able to do with your help.  Thank you.


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