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The goal of the Challenge:

Provide heated flooring for the dogs in our soon-to-be new dog kennel building! Let's make "happy paws"!!

We are incredibly grateful to all who supported our Saving Pets Challenge throughout the month of September!  All gifts were matched thanks to a wonderful donor! We raised over $80K during this time period (including the match) for heated floors in our new dog kennel building thanks to your generosity! 

While the sponsored Saving Pets Challenge ended on September 30, the Challenge website is still open for donations. Our goal is to raise $100,000 with a $50,000 match. We are just shy of our goal and therefore, will continue the challenge through October 31 to maximize the match and get heated floors! 

The new building will have features that provide a healthier environment for the dogs - and humans. One feature is heated floors throughout the building! Heated flooring will make for "happy paws" for our dogs!!

Today, the dog kennel runs are not heated, and while we provide a bed and blanket for each dog to lay on, they stand on the cold cement floor during the winter. And then there are some dogs that like to lay on the floor. Heated floors (also called radiant heat) will provide an unparalleled comfort level, so the dogs do not stand or lay on a cold floor. This aspect is crucial for older dogs with arthritis or other conditions where a dog may be sensitive to the temperature.

Your gift today will help us fit the new building with heated floors in each dog kennel run and other parts of the building where the dogs may venture, such as our adoption rooms, lobby, and more!

The cost of installing heated floors throughout our 12K square foot building is approximately $100K, our goal for this campaign. It will cost about $1,160 for heated flooring in each dog kennel run or about $59K. The remaining front section of the building will cost about $41K for heated flooring. 

Your donation will help us reach this goal and will add up quickly! Here's just one example of the impact your gift makes.

  • $10 donation = $20 matched
  • $20 donation = $40 matched
  • $25 donation = $50 matched  
  • $50 donation = $100 matched
  • $100 donation = $200 matched
  • $200 donation = $400 matched

We'll provide a progress visual view of the building as the sections get funded with heated floors!

Who are we?

Pets Alive is a no-kill animal rescue organization situated on over 80 acres of property, located at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY.  In 2021, Pets Alive celebrates 33 years of saving lives thanks to our supporters.

The organization’s mission is to build a humane community supporting the human-animal bond by being a resource through rescue, adoption, intervention, education, and outreach. 

Pets Alive takes in local stray cats and dogs, as well as dogs from out-of-state shelters that face overcrowding, so they do not have to resort to euthanasia.  Additionally, we work with local law enforcement on rescuing animals involved in cruelty or abuse cases.  Animals that come within our care continue their lives at our facility until they are adopted, no matter how long that takes. In 2020, we cared for over 800 cats, dogs, and farm animals and adopted out 644 animals. We offer many programs to our community, including TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) of community cats, low-cost pet-wellness clinics, humane education, and more.

Why a new dog kennel building?

The current building, built in the early 1970s, has outlived its useful life, requiring extensive renovations needed to maintain the safety and health of both humans and animals to continue to carry on our mission. 

In late 2018, the Pets Alive board of directors hired Shelter Planners of America, a national organization that focuses on animal shelter design, to conduct a needs assessment to determine how we address the building condition, i.e., do we renovate or build a new building? In 2019, we decided to construct a new state-of-the-art dog kennel building. The final building design and site plan was approved by the town of Wallkill, NY Planning Board in March 2021. We are currently completing the final architectural drawings, foundation design, and design of the plumbing, electrical components, lighting, and alarm systems. Shortly, we will bid out the project to general contractors so construction can begin in 2022. 

We've raised about $1.5M for building construction thanks to generous supporters, including a $500,000 New York State Companion Animal Fund Grant. The cost of the building is estimated to cost over $3.0M. This Saving Pets Challenge campaign is critical to help us with our continued capital fundraising. Check out renderings of the exterior below.

For a view of the architectural drawing of the building interior, the site plan, and other information about other features in the building, click on the "Features" tab at the top of this page.

Check out the Media Section below for photos of just a few dogs we have available for adoption. And its dogs like these that will benefit from the building!

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