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For over fifty years, PHILLIPS has provided a place where children left behind in traditional settings can get the support and education they need to become successful, responsible adults. Our children’s lives have been colored by a variety of personal and environmental circumstances, so we tailor our approach to address each child’s unique situation. We give our students and their families every advantage: PHILLIPS provides a fresh start, helping children develop critical life skills so they too can enjoy respect, acceptance and personal achievement. At PHILLIPS, we believe any child can overcome adversity, and we help them to prove if everyday. 


Daniel's Story- Daniel* came to PHILLIPS School at age 11. Daniel came from a residential therapy program where he was being treated for severe depression, self-injurious acts and physical aggression, which
were all beyond his control. Having made enough progress in the residential program to come home, Daniel still exhibited serious behavioral problems.
Academically he functioned at a third-grade level while emotionally he was functioning at a four-year-old level. Daniel responded quickly to the structured academic and behavioral setting at PHILLIPS. His parents also responded to PHILLIPS’ guidance and applied the same techniques at home. After two years at PHILLIPS, Daniel attends his local public school and is making the principal’s honor roll!

Sara's Story- Like many children in foster care, 14-year-old Sara* carried many scars— some physical, most emotional, into her PHILLIPS Teaching Home. Sara saw neglect from a mother struggling with poverty and drugs. She was abused by men coming in and out of the home. She had missed much of her freshman year and was falling in with a dangerous peer group.
Sara entered the home of the Taylors, PHILLIPS teaching parents whose special training enabled them to see quickly how they could help. The couple set clear expectations for Sara, both at school and in the home. The nurturing environment made a difference —
in fact, Sara was soon able to make the honor roll for the first time in her life. She began to take pride in her work, and in herself.
With assistance from PHILLIPS staff, the Taylors also reached out to Sara’s family, taking her to visit her mother. Sara’s mother found strength to seek the treatment she needed, and later to find a steady job. In about a year, Sara was reunited with her family — not because all the problems were fixed, but because a team of committed adults had worked together to help her achieve her potential and begin to heal. Sara’s family is now using in-home support services from the PHILLIPS Family Partners Program.

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