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Did you know that 48% of our schools today have no physical education? And many of those schools have no recess as well! Kids are being told to “sit and learn,” but is that really the best way for a child to learn, grow and thrive? No! Children need the opportunity to release their energy throughout the day in order to be productive students in the classroom.


PHIT America is committed to getting children off the couch and active. How? By implementing GO! Grants, which are available to elementary schools that want to create physical activity programs before, during or after the school day.  Since the fall of 2015, PHIT America has issued more than 300 GO! Grants to elementary schools in the U.S., which has allowed more than 175,000 students to get physically active at school.  These grants allow schools to purchase equipment, build facilities, host professional developments and implement programs that increase students’ physical activity. 


Donate today to help us to beat the “Inactivity Pandemic” and get children off the couch and active!


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