Phoenix Phenoms Girls Basketball Club

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The Phoenix Phenoms Girls Basketball Club is a non-profit club basketball organization in Phoenix, Arizona, registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.  The Phenoms have developmental teams for girls who want to be better high school players, and travel teams for girls who are able to compete at the highest level and gain exposure to college.

The Phenoms never turn players away due to inability to pay.  The acutal cost for a player is $1,000 to participate on a developmental team, and $2,500 to participate on a travel team.  Most of our players’ families do not have the discretionary income to support this, so fundraising is an important part of making this opportunity available to our players.

For all players, the Phenoms promote a healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship, and positive behavior.  Through sports, the girls face both adversity and success, and learn how to deal with both, and are required to work hard to succeed.  These are all values which translate to being successful students and citizens.

For travel players, the Phenoms also provide the opportunity to gain exposure to college coaches.  The Phenoms have helped many players open the door to a college education that they could otherwise not afford or may not have sought, using basketball as a way to get in the door.  For many players, without the support of our donors, such exposure would have been unlikely or impossible.  Since 2000, the Phenoms have seen over 90 players move on to college basketball.

As fundraising has become increasingly more challenging, the Phenoms look to you to help out a group of hardworking and deserving young ladies.  Your donation will provide opportunities that may change a young person's life!

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