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The Pima County/Tucson Women's Commission serves as an official commission of the City of Tucson and Pima County authorized to assist women to achieve full equality of opportunity in all aspects of life, and to take positive action to expose, eliminate and prevent the practice of discrimination against women. 

The Commission was funded by the City of Tucson since its inception in 1976, and by Pima County since 1992. In 2010, following withdrawal of government funding to PCTWC and many similar agencies,  the PCTWC has functioned as an all-volunteer donor-supported agency.

The PCTWC helps women through outreach and programming, including publications, training and events.  In 2012, the PCTWC provided the following services and activities:

  • examining current discrimination practicies and collaborating with experts and establishing a monthly clinic on discrimination for any member of the community who wishes to discuss discrimination esperiences or pursue complaints;
  • creating, publishing and distributing 1000 copies of a brochure titled, "When, How and Where to File a Sex Discrimination Complaint if You Live in Pima, County, Arizona."
  • Jointly creating a diversion program for Women Trafficked into Prostitution;
  • Re-Creating a Guide for Survivors of Domestic Abuse, Asault, and Violence and distributing 2500 copies of the publication.  The PCTWC is seeking funding to support the printing of a Spanish language version.
  • Reviewing governmental agency policies on Sexual Harassment and if necessary recommends procedures, programs and legislation to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunity for all women;
  • Co-sponsoring with the League of Women Voters a forum with candidates for the Pima Community College Board;
  • Collaborating with the League of Women Voters, the American Association of University Women/Tucson and the University of Arizona to sponsor a training program for girls in how to run for political office;
  • Assisting Catalina Foothills High School female students to draft a proclamation creating "The Day of the Girl;"
  • Offering an on-going seminar series to educate and engage the Community on topics such as raising capital to operate a business; how to get your organizations news in print; identifying and preventing bullying and harassment; intellectual property law; how to start your own business;
  • Taking the lead and co-sponsoring with seven women's groups a talk by Dr. Valerie Miller, a specialist in women's equity issues in Africa and South America;
  • Coordinating the organization of and preparation for a 36-women's group reception to welcome Dr. Ann Weaver Hart to the position of President of The University of Arizona;
  • Providing general assistance and response to inquiries and/or requests and referring callers to appropriate social service agencies.  Lacking sufficient funds for a staff member, the PCTWC tries to return calls within 48 hours;
  • Leading the celebration of "Women in Government Day," the purpose of which is to honor women who have served as pioneers and to recognize women who work effectively behind the scenes in city and county government offices;
  • Undertaking a review of women who have been struggling to survive in a tough economic climate by collaborating with the Southwest Insitute for Research on Women to sponsor a focus group of women who find themselves homeless, and/or have been living on very limited incomes.  The collaborators plans to hold more of these focus groups in 2013 and ultimately to submit a comprehensive report to the PCTWC, to elected officials, and to other appropriate agencies, with recommendations;
  • Acting as conciliator or mediator upon request to disputes or controversies within the scope of the Commission;
  • Serving as a clearing house by collecting, coordinating, and disseminating information concerning women in part by maintaining a library at its place of business;
  • Publishing and distibuting by hard-copy and email a Commission Newsletter - Clarion Redux - to inform the community of the ongoing work of the PCTWC.


It is the Commission's desire to continue the above-listed and related contributions to the well-being of women and therefore to our Tucson/Pima County community.  Our community's success depends on safe, healthy, educated and participating women.   With donors' help, we will succeed.


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