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Computers: Planet Drum is in dire need of 2 to 4 new high quality PC computers plus the software to run them.

Publishing:  Planet Drum’s book, Life-Place Learning, is nearly ready to be printed. The bilingual translations are being completed now so, with funding, the book can be printed in the Fall. 

What is Planet Drum Foundation?

 Planet Drum Foundation was founded in San Francisco, CA in 1973 to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance. In association with community activists and ecologists, Planet Drum developed the concept of a bioregion: a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed. It is a whole "life-place" with unique requirements for human inhabitation that enable people, plants, and animals to live together sustainably.

Planet Drum researches, promotes and disseminates information about bioregions. Through its projects, publications, presentations, and workshops, Planet Drum helps bioregionally oriented groups and encourages local organizations and individuals to live within the natural confines of bioregions.

Understanding our relationship with the bioregion -- including both the ecological and human-cultural aspects of a place -- is essential for developing beneficial strategies to effectively address the present unbalanced environmental situation and determine appropriate actions. Residents aware of their life-place can be mindful of it and engage in creating a balance with the natural environment so that people, plants, and animals can co-exist sustainably.

Planet Drum Foundation’s Activities:

  • Maintaining the Green City Calendar on-line The Calendar is a central clearinghouse for environmental/sustainable activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. It lists a variety of hands-on ecosystem maintenance volunteer opportunities, classes, workshops, hikes, special events, and celebrations.  The calendar and theGreen City Resources Database involve the general public in building a symbiotic relationship between people and the planet, and promoting sustainable urban living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Bioregional Education field trips/workshops guide teachers, their students and other adults in exploring, learning about, and hands-on work at a variety of ecological sites. Planet staff also organizes events/talks/teach-ins on a variety of ecological subjects.
  • Planet Drum provides resources and publishes pamphlets, books, and newsletters -- to deepen bioregional awareness and understanding. Bioregionalism has become a central idea and practice in the cultural and ecological restoration of hundreds of watersheds in the U.S., Japan, Latin America, Australia, and Europe. The Foundation is available for lectures, seminars, workshops and performances, and provides resources to international researchers and visitors about the history of environmentalism, deep ecology and bioregionalism.
  • During the past year Planet Drum has been inventorying its 40+ years of archivally significant materials and is in the process of redesigning the website to make it easily accessible. 
  • Planet Drum was invited by ecological activists and the Mayor of  Bahia de Caráquez, Ecuador to assist them in transforming Bahia into an Ecological City. For the past 16 years, Planet Drum has maintained and office there and initiated a Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation and Education Project.  Its goals are restoration of crucial Dry Tropical Forest habitat and bioregional education.  The Project also catalyzes ecological initiatives in Ecuadorian urban communities related to green spaces, waste reutilization, and alternative transportation.

For updates on the current situation in Ecuador check the Facebook page:  or contact:

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