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The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center exists to honor the legacy of Esther Webster by connecting people to the arts. Our gallery is housed in a mid-century architect-designed home, and is surrounded by a 5-acre wooded sculpture park overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 


In 2019, the PAFAC is making great strides towards expanding our program offerings and engaging new members and followers. This year’s program includes a diverse lineup of rotating art exhibits, as well as theatrical performances, poetry readings, our new ArtBites discussion series, and a Summer Solstice Arts Festival. The generosity of our donors, members, and sponsors allows us to provide this array of free and affordable arts programming to our community as well as visitors from around the world. 


In 2020, we plan to build on our current momentum, adding more program offerings and connecting with new audiences. You can expect more intriguing exhibits, juicy ArtBites conversations, and playful Solstice festivities – plus exciting new elements like children's art classes and a surf-themed pop-up exhibit. 

We believe art has the power to connect people and foster dialogue, and hope you’ll join us in making sure everyone in our community has access to the arts.  

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