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A great American city has great neighborhoods where cultural programming reaches all citizens and where all citizens are encouraged to be creators as well as consumers of art. Portland is a wonderful, traditional neighborhood with unique cultural traditions.  It has been hard hit by large historical events such as the 1937 Flood; the bisection of the town by the building of the K & I bridge, flood wall and highway; and more recently the Great Recession.

The Portland Museum has served this community for thirty-five years begininning in a classroom at Roosevelt Elementary School in 1978 where school children created the first exhibits. Over the years, the Portland Museum has attracted over $1.25 million in federal funds for its programs and projects. A sampling of museum programs includes: hiring and training teenagers as photography interns; owning, restoring, researching and exhibiting four portraits created by John James Audubon; operating a letterpress printing studio where children and adults learn book arts; creating collections of folk art, fine art and historial photography, children’s art and photography, neighborhood art and artifacts; conducting oral histories, story circles, and community performances; restoring the important Squire Earick House, an American Treasure; mounting temporary exhibitions of art and  humanities; and hosting several thousand visitors each year who come on school fieldtrips, as tourists, or drop-in neighbors.

In recent years, lack of funding has made it difficult to offer printing, spoken work, and photography to our community. With support we can provide more classes in the arts, hold more performances, and teach more about architecture. 


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