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The Portsmouth Humane Society is a small organization achieving big things. As an open-admission animal shelter also serving as the City's pound, we receive thousands of animals each year—and we have made it our mission to provide the best level of care possible for each and every one of them. There are no "time limits" here: animals are welcome to remain in our care for as long as it takes to find their forever homes. There are no breed restrictions, either. We operate under two basic assumptions: that there is a home for every animal, and that every animal deserves a chance at finding love. Regardless of breed, size, age, or health status, we give every dog, cat, or other small animal the best care we can while they are here.

We like to think of the animals' time at PHS as "hitting the jackpot." It might seem strange to think of life at an animal shelter in that way, but consider this: no longer do these animals have to wonder where their next meal will come from, or whether they will stay warm overnight, or how they will get clean water. Cats are socialized, dogs are enriched. Shelter life certainly isn’t the ideal, of course, so we also spend considerable effort promoting adoptions through off-site events and our humane education program.

Consider a case such as Eggo’s. She came to PHS as a puppy with her brother Leggo. Leggo was shortly adopted, while Eggo waited… and waited… and waited. She was a dark brindle pit-mixed dog, overlooked by potential adopters as she quickly grew out of puppyhood. When she was about a year old, she ate a toy and developed a life-threatening bowel obstruction. $2,000 of surgery later, PHS tightened down its toy protocol and got Eggo back on her feet. Volunteers worked tirelessly with her on basic obedience, molding her into a star pupil and improving her manners. Shortly after her two-year shelter anniversary passed, there were rumors of a prospective match for Miss Eggo. As rumors solidified into truth, excitement grew! After all, as much as we loved Eggo, the goal of every shelter is to move dogs into permanent homes… and here, after two years, was her chance! Sure enough, within weeks her new mom came and took her home. Eggo now enjoys playing on the beach, going for long walks, and sleeping in a soft, warm bed of her own.

Eggo’s story clearly illustrates the dedication of Portsmouth Humane staff and our unwillingness to give up on any adoptable animal. Portsmouth's neglected, abused, and abandoned animals are certainly a worthy cause. Please consider supporting us and our homeless animals by donating to PHS.

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