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The PMC specializes in changing lives two at a time! We offer hope to women in unexpected pregnancies. The PMC helps women in unexpected pregnancies decide what to do regarding their situation.  

 We do this by providing women with accurate information about all of their pregnancy options- parenting, adoption, and abortion. What we do is best shown in a sign that hangs in our peer counselor's office:
"Our goal as coaches and counselors who affirm life is to help women make a well informed decision based on evidence based information." 

The PMC provides the following services to women free of charge

   - Evidence based education on pregnancy options    

   - Nurse Consultations

   -  Ultrasound exams (for patients 6-12 weeks)  

    - Parenting classes with maternity & baby supplies             

    - Post- abortion counseling referrals and support

Through offering these services, we help local women discover that their "impossible" situation is manageable

As we walk alongside them, they can start to "Dream the Impossible" for themselves and their unborn children.  

 *The PCC does not perform or refer for abortions. 

We are asking each person who sees this page to donate a minimum of $10 to the PMC today!

 By reaching our goal of $1,200 we can pay for ALL our client appointments from April 10th- May 10th. 

Will you give just $10 toward meeting our goal? 

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Journey Clinic/PMC

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