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There is a saying “You manage what you measure”.  That is true in historic preservation as well.  Most buildings in our communities lack protection from demolition or “historically insensitive” remodeling which can leave them stripped of their cultural significance.  The first step to a solution is to understand the contribution that buildings make to their neighborhoods, whether residential or commercial, and which buildings need protection.  When you drive by an empty lot, don’t you sometimes have to try to remember what was there the week before?  It can happen very quickly when there are no protections in place.  Programs like Building Surveys which research and document the history of individual buildings, Demolition Review Ordinances, and State Historic Tax Credits can all make the difference between a building standing or ending up in the landfill.

Preservation Idaho has been dedicated to enhancing the awareness of the value of Idaho’s historic resources for 43 years.  A strong development market is especially bad for preservation as more buildings move into the crosshairs of developers who covet the real estate they sit on.  We support development and progress but, as preservationists, we join our friends and neighbors who would prefer that we better understand what we are losing BEFORE the bulldozers arrive!

As a non-profit, all-volunteer board 501c(3) organization, we rely on donations, membership, grants, and fundraising to support our advocacy work. 

Money raised goes directly to advocacy work and to the support and development of educational tours and programs that help to raise awareness of the importance and diversity of architecturural styles and eras in Idaho.  Preservation is GREEN; buildings that remain economically viable as businesses and homes stay out of the landfill and contribute to the beauty and quality of life in Idaho.    Check out our website:

Funding helps to support:

* Building Surveys

* Idaho Architecture Project

* Time Machine Elementary School Program

* Idaho Modern

* Idaho Heritage Barn Program

* Updated Website Platform

* New Educational Tours and Presentations


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